Privacy Policy

Effective date: 17 November 2023

In this policy, we layout what data we collect and why, how your data is handled, and your rights to your data. We're not in the business of selling data, and never will.

We don’t see what you type into your todo.

We’ll never know that you wrote “Buy concert ticket”— but we hope you can stay productive and have a good time.

We don’t sell your data.

We won’t tell the sales people your data and show targeted marketing ads—because we hate that too.

We only use necessary data to provide best product and services.

We only use data to build the best product and most intuitive experience we can. For instance, we use an aggregate data to understand which features are our users are using the most (or which features they hate the most).

What personal data do we collect and why?

When you connect your Google Calendar, we connect your name and email address using Google Calendar API. We use this information so you can see events from your Google Calendar to get the best experience Today. If you decide to connect your Google Calendar, we pull the calendar information (such as event name, time, and color). However, we don’t have access to see or edit your events at all.

When you create tasks and notes, we don’t see any information or details you’re putting into the tasks, notes, or subtasks. In the beta version, all of the data is stored in your browser’s local storage. In the future, we’re planning to store this in the Service Provider securely, and you’ll be notified when we do so.

When you interact and browse our marketing pages, your browser automatically shares certain information, such as which operating system and browser version you use. We track that information, along with the pages you are visiting, page load timing, and which website referred you for statistical purposes like conversion rates and to test new designs.

Disclosure: Today use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

The usage of aggregate data

Generally, we collect personal data to provide and improve our products and Services. This includes data to make the Service and Product work (such as account information) or data to make the Service and Product better (such as Product Usage Data). We also collect data to make sure we’re able to:

  • Protect against fraud or implement additional security measures.
  • Correspond with you if you reach out with a bug report, support request, or general inquiry. We may also send you updates, product information, or other marketing communications.

How do we store and protect your data?

In this beta version, we store your data using your local storage in your browser. It means that only you can see the data. We have a plan to store the data in the Service Provider securely, so you can use Today on multiple devices. When that day comes, we’ll notify you.

Changes and updates

We’re constantly trying to improve our product and services, so we may need to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we’ll let you know by placing a notice on the app and the Today website and/or contacting you directly, mostly likely via email.

If you opted not to receive legal notice emails (— we get it), or you haven’t given us your email in the first place, the updated policy will still apply. We’ll do our best to get these updates in front of you. However, the ball’s ultimately in your court to read and understand them. If you continue to use the product, we’ll assume the updates are good with you. Of course, give us a shout if there’s anything that needs further explaining.

By using or accessing our Services and Products in any manner, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined below, and you hereby consent that we will collect, use, and share your information as described in this Privacy Policy.




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