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Your daily tasks and schedule in one place.

We share beta access from time to time in our discord

Today Application Preview

Capture it.

Jot down your to-dos.

Capture your to-dos

Break it down.

Step by step.

Use subtasks to break down the steps

Schedule it.

Just drag and drop.

Use subtasks to break down the steps


OK. Let's focus on that now.

Use subtasks to break down the steps

Morning ✍️ ritual.
Deep work 🔋 session.
Learn 🎻 tonight.

Not tomorrow ⏰.

Private Beta

Today is currently in Private Beta, which means some features are missing, and we are actively building them. Each week, we give access to some people on the waitlist.

If you don’t like using software with missing features and bugs, we encourage you to wait for the stable version. But you’ll miss out on fun! If the benefit of Today resonates with you, feel free to join the waitlist.


Here’s the list of items we’re working on our roadmap. It’s not comprehensive and in no particular order:

  • To-do list / so you don't forget things
  • Subtasks / so you can break down big tasks
  • Google Calendar integration / yay!
  • Daily calendar / drag... and drop!
  • Projects and inbox / and all that GTD stuff
  • Weekly calendar
  • Outlook integration
  • Pomodoro
  • Desktop app
  • Mobile app
Use Today


Plan. Focus. Make progress.

We start with Chrome extension.
Then all major platforms.

We are 2 humans, Budi and Taaniel, dotted around the globe in the Estonia and Indonesia. We believe productivity can be beautiful and simple.