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Apr 23, 2024

Use floating window on Today to stay focused while work

Stay focused while work

Do you easily get distracted? Press space to open the floating window. It's sticky, so you can always see your task. Jot down thoughts or add subtasks while you work.

— Taaniel

Apr 22, 2024

Fixed note icon bug

Fixed: note icon bug

Thanks to everyone who reported the bug. The note icon will no longer appear after you remove the note.

— Budi

Mar 26, 2024

Project — you can now manage different aspect of your life


Wanna plan for your next side project? Or your next trip? Simply create a new project and plan different aspects of your life.

— Taaniel

Feb 20, 2024

Inline quick edit for task

Quick edit

Now, adding or removing task is seamless. Like writing on notes. Pressing enter will let you quick edit without opening the dialog.

— Taaniel

Jan 28, 2024

Time label on task - changelog

Time label

Want to know which tasks you’ve scheduled? Now, you’ll see a time label. Schedule a task on the calendar. Then you'll see the starting time.

— Taaniel

Jan 12, 2024

Meeting confirmation

Meeting confirmation

Now, Today will ask for confirmation when you move an event with guests, to prevent you from accidentally moving the meetings.

— Taaniel

Dec 30, 2023

Inbox and GTD bucket

GTD bucket, finally!

We heard that you want to separate future tasks from today's tasks. You can now put tasks you want to prioritize on the Active list. Then, move tasks you want to consider in the future to the Later list. This way, you can keep today's list tight and stay focused.

— Taaniel

Dec 30, 2023

Task Context Menu

Right click to move tasks

We made it easier to move tasks between buckets! Just right click on a task and move it to the right bucket. Or schedule it to Today!

— Budi

Dec 12, 2023

We're hearing...

  • 🎨 'I want to change color from Today please!'
  • 🤔 'Hey, I need to separate today tasks vs future task'
  • ❤️ 'I love seeing my tasks on my new tab!'
  • 😱 'Today doesn't give me confirmation when I move or delete a meeting'
  • 🪴 'Can we see events from all calendars?'
  • 👀 'I want to know which task I've scheduled'
  • _
  • Thanks for all the feedback!

— Budi

Dec 09, 2023

Colorful event blocks

Colorful event blocks

We've made the color consistent with your Google Calendar account. Did you know there are 24 colors to choose from?

— Albert

Nov 09, 2023

Responsive app

Responsive layout

We've made Today responsive. When you resize it, the sidebar will automatically hidden so you have more space to see your tasks.

— Taaniel

Oct 28, 2023



Sometimes we deal with a complicated task. Break it down into mini steps with subtasks. Tackle it one by one—divide and conquer!

— Taaniel

Oct 12, 2023

Google calendar integration

Sync your Google Calendar

Today now supports Google Calendar integration. When you drag and drop tasks to your calendar, it will sync automatically to your Google Calendar.

— Albert

Sep 20, 2023

Fresh calendar panel feature

Fresh calendar panel

We've added the calendar panel. You can now plan your day. Simply drag and drop the tasks to the calendar panel! Let us know what you think.

— Albert

Sep 01, 2023

Introducing Today

Introducing Today

Your modern productivity is in the baking. Today is designed for people who want to manage their daily tasks and schedules in one place. Join us on this journey!

— Budi

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